Prof. dr. Ivan Nijs and co-workers

How do future climate regimes affect managed and natural grassland functioning? – with Simon Reynaert

​​Want to come help fight the climate and biodiversity crisis?​ - with dr. Jonas Lembrechts

Prof. dr. Erik Verbruggen and co-workers

​Soil microbial biodiversity that rules the world

Prof. dr. Matteo Campioli and co-workers

Seasonal growth in temperate deciduous forests

Prof. dr. Sara Vicca and co-workers

Combining Enhanced Weathering (EW) and biochar as carbon dioxide removal technologies  
- with Jasper Roussard

​The fate of terrestrial ecosystems under climate change - with dr. Kevin Van Sundert

Enhanced silicate weathering as climate change solution - with Laura Steinwidder

Prof. dr. Ivan Janssens 

Detecting tree growth and drought responses in European forests
- with dr. Ir. Fran Lauriks and dr. Bert Gielen