Key publications

Ecosystem responses to elevated $CO_{2}$ governed by plantsoil interactions and the cost of nitrogen acquisition
Terrer César   Vicca Sara   Stocker Benjamin D.   Hungate Bruce A.   Philips Richard P.   Reich Peter B.   Finzi Adrien C.   Prentice I. Colin  
New phytologist - ISSN 0028-646X-217:2 (2018) p. 507-522
Larger temperature response of autumn leaf senescence than spring leaf-out phenology
Fu Yongshuo   Piao Shilong   Delpierre Nicolas   Hao Fanghua   Hänninen Heikki   Liu Yongjie   Sun Wenchao   Janssens Ivan   Campioli Matteo  
Global change biology - ISSN 1354-1013- (2018) p. 1-10
Emissions of carotenoid cleavage products upon heat shock and mechanical wounding from a foliose lichen
Ignacio Garcia-Plazaola Jose   Portillo-Estrada Miguel   Fernandez-Marin Beatriz   Kannaste Astrid   Niinemets Ulo  
Environmental and experimental botany - ISSN 0098-8472-133 (2017) p. 87-97
Mountain roads shift native and non-native plant species' ranges
Lembrechts Jonas   Alexander Jake M.   Cavieres Lohengrin A.   Haider Sylvia   Lenoir Jonathan   Kueffer Christoph   McDougall Keith   Naylor Bridgett J.   Nuñez Martín A.   Pauchard Aníbal   Rew Lisa J.   Nijs Ivan   Milbau Ann  
Ecography - ISSN 0906-7590-40:3 (2017) p. 353-364
Warming affects different components of plantherbivore interaction in a simplified community but not net interaction strength
Van De Velde Helena   Nijs Ivan   Bonte Dries  
Oikos: a journal of ecology - ISSN 0030-1299-126:2 (2017) p. 285-295

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