Product Development


The mission of the Product Development research group is to enhance scientific knowledge that empowers the creation of innovative products to improve human well-being.
A changing socio-economic context and technological and scientific evolution provide both opportunities and challenges for society and industry. Our research group aims at interdisciplinary knowledge that combines human, technological, and economic insights, with design methods and demonstrators as outcomes. This to drive the development of innovative products and product services with a focus towards human centred design.

In the relatively young academic research domain, there is a strong emphasis to collaborate with academic and industrial partners. Through the Antwerp Design Factory and the Design Sciences Hub we are trying to shape the future of human-centered innovation. Our members are associated with the Cumulus network and the Design Society as well as various other academic associations.

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Product Development Research Group
Spokesperson: Jouke Verlinden
University of Antwerp - Campus Mutsaard - Product Development building
Ambtmanstraat 1
2000 Antwerp, Belgium