Paardenmarkt site

We are located in the city center of Antwerp, Belgium, close to the bustling port of Antwerp-Bruges, renowned for its extensive industrial and logistics hubs. Additionally, we are within a short distance of several key industrial and academic areas, including Ghent, Leuven, Brussels, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam.

In 2022, we relocated to the restored Paardenmarkt site. These historic buildings have been used for educational purposes since the 16th century. Initially, they served as a refuge for 100 orphan boys aged 13 to 20, providing them with a place to live and learn a trade. Over time, the site evolved into an industrial school and a campus for higher technical education. Since 2013, it has been part of the University of Antwerp, which began restoration work in 2019.

Our buildings are multifunctional, offering spaces for students, researchers, and university-wide staff. Notably, for designers and researchers, the makerspace has been expanded and the machinery upgraded. Additionally, more rooms are now available for research setups and experiments.