Antwerp Summer University

From Monday 2 July to Friday 6 July 2018 the Ruusbroec Institute and its partners, the University of Antwerp Library, Museum Plantin-Moretus and Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience, organise the Summer School Books and Culture 2018.

Religious Manuscripts, Hand Press Books and Prints (15th-19th Centuries): Ephemera. 

In this summer school, expert speakers will explain the traditional techniques of manuscript, book and print production (printing, lay-out, illustration). This year special attention will be devoted to the production and function of ephemera in all its manifestations. Introductory presentations will familiarise the students with the crucial role Antwerp played as a printing center. Most lectures are conceived as workshops and hands-on sessions zooming in on different kinds of text media and the place of ephemera within them. Lecturers will use the holdings of the Ruusbroec Institute Library and select materials that can be handled by the students. In line with this setup, admission to the summer school will be limited to 14 Master students, PhD students and postdocs. The presence of staff and lecturers during the course should stimulate the interaction and spark questions and discussions.

Most sessions will take place at the Ruusbroec Institute’s library of the University of Antwerp. Guided tours will take participants to the Plantin-Moretus Museum for a presentation of sixteenth-century printing techniques, to the stylish Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, and to the Special Collections Department of the University Library.

An unforgettable experience for every researcher who wants to learn more about manuscripts, hand-press books, and prints, and the role they played in Western European culture.

Organization: Ruusbroec Institute Library, University Library and Faculty of Arts
Partners: Plantin-Moretus Museum and Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library


Sunday 1 July

  • Informal welcome drinks

Monday 2 July 2018

Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • 09.00h - Registration
  • 09.45–10.00h - Kees Schepers (Ruusbroec Institute, University of Antwerp), Welcome and introduction
  • 10.00–12.00h - Hubert Meeus (University of Antwerp), Antwerp as a center of religious book production from 1481 till the end of the seventeenth century
  • 13.00–16.30h - David McKitterick (Trinity College, Cambridge), Looking at rare books

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • 09.00–12.00h - Daniël Ermens (Ruusbroec Institute, University of Antwerp), What is a manuscript?
  • 13.00–15.00h - Ann Kelders (Royal Library, Brussels and Alamire Foundation, KULeuven), Sounding heritage. Medieval and Renaissance Music Manuscripts from the Low Countries​
  • 15.15–17.15h - Nina Lamal (University of Antwerp), Handwritten or printed ephemera in the early modern period: why does it matter?​
  • 17.30–18.30h - visit to the University of Antwerp Library (Special Collections)

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • 09.00–12.00h - Goran Proot (Università di Udine/Milano; Ruusbroec Institute, Unversity of Antwerp, and Plantin Institute for Typography), Technical, economic, and design aspects of books and ephemera produced with the handpress in the  early modern period

Plantin-Moretus Museum

  • 13.15–13.45h - Printing demonstration
  • 13.45–14.30h - Dirk Imhof (Museum Plantin-Moretus), The Plantin Press and the production of ephemera for religious institutions
  • 14.30–16.30h - Alexander Soetaert (KULeuven), Early Modern Printers and Universities: the case of Douai

Felix Warehouse

  • 17.30-19.30h - Antwerp Summer University Reception

Thursday 5 July 2018

Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • 09.00–12.00h - Jan Van der Stock (KULeuven), Printing Ephemera in 16th Century Antwerp: the Shadow of the Image​
  • 13.00–15.00h - Ann Diels and Eva Janssens (VUB Brussels), Religious prints from the Netherlands (2nd half of the 16th century) on the strategic chessboard​
  • 15.15–17.15h - Tom Deneire (University of Antwerp Library), Digital Collections: Library Metadata and How to Use it for Research

University Club

  • 19.00h - Summer School dinner

Friday 6 July 2018

Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • 09.00–12.00h - Tine Van Osselaer (Ruusbroec Institute, University of Antwerp), On the importance of ephemeral prints in the study of stigmatics, c.1800-1950
  • with Andrea Graus, Leonardo Rossi and Kristof Smeyers (Ruusbroec Institute, University of Antwerp)

Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

  • 13.15–14.45h - Steven Van Impe (Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library), Liturgical ephemera from the 17th to the 20th century​
  • 14.45–16.30h - David McKitterick (Trinity College, Cambridge), Enlightenment, revolution and romanticism. A bibliographical earthquake and its aftershocks in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • 16.30-18.00h - Farewell with drinks

Summer School

Biannually the Ruusbroec Institute organises a Summer School for doctorate and post-doctorate students, focusing on a specific topic, related to its research domain.

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