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"We want to create value in sustainable energy, air and water technology with impact on both industry and society."Air purification was identified as a core challenging and open research domain. In the decade following the foundation of the research group, our research has broadened and now focuses on four domains:

  1. solar to chemical energy
  2. gas treatment and CO2 solutions
  3. water treatment and nutrient valorization
  4. systems analysis and sustainability assessment

DuEL has clearly succeeded in its predefined targets as evidenced by its achieved growth in terms of staff, knowledge and output in the three selected areas. Nowadays, the mission of the research group is more ambitious; we want to evolve into an internationally recognized, competitive and sought-after centre for research on sustainable energy, air and water technology. We want to achieve international impact in the four lines of research as described and, in this way, contribute to a sustainable society and industry. As part of the Bioscience Engineering department we strive to conduct research on the whole value chain from fundamental and basic research aspects up to technological solutions (up to TRL 6) for real life issues that matter. As an engineering department we are aware of our responsibility towards society by considering research topics that are socially relevant, useful and valuable.