An interview with Dr Rosemary Pountney

Rosemary Pountney [RP] trained as an actor before taking an English degree at Oxford, followed by a D.Phil in Beckett’s drama, later published as Theatre of Shadows*. Now retired, she was Lecturer in English at University College Dublin and JesusCollege Oxford , Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Winchester, and is now an Hon.Fellow of  St. Anne’s College, Oxford. She began performing Beckett’s one-woman plays while working on her thesis and subsequently made numerous tours in Europe and worldwide, performing the plays and lecturing on Beckett’s drama.

* (Reprinted 1998, ISBN-0-86140-407-6 (available from Colin Smythe Ltd, £ 12.95.)

This interview (18/08/09) was conducted by Matthew Feldman [MF], author of Beckett’s Books: A Cultural History of Samuel Beckett’s “Interwar Notes” and co-editor of a number of recent volumes on Beckett. An extended and corrected version of this interview appears in Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd'Hui, Vol. 20 2010 (forthcoming).

Matthew Feldman interviews Rosemary Pountney 18/08/09 (mp3 - 14 MB)