Theory @ Sea

Since 2010, TQC co-organises a two-day conference of theoretical and mathematical physics. This meeting is for theoretical physicists from the various Flemish universities, from all disciplines (solid state physics, elementary particle physics, string theory, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, quantum physics, mathematical physics,...). The meeting is very informal and geared towards Ph.D. students. The goal is to get to know eachother better, to learn what topics colleagues have been working on and what the important developments in the various fields are, to seek out new collaborations on research or education, and to discuss common challenges.

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General Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Physical Society

Prof. Jacques Tempere is closely involved in the Belgian Physical Society, and has been its former president. He is still involved in the organisation of the yearly meeting of this learned society. The BPS promotes physics in Belgium and represents Belgian physicists (i.a. as member society of the European Physical Society). More information on the Belgian Physical Society and their yearly scientific meeting can be found on the website of the society,