Group seminars

During the academic year, TQC organises weekly group seminars (usually during lunch break). The purpose of these lectures is twofold. On one hand, we use these lectures to keep each other and our students informed about our research. On the other hand, we also require our bachelor and master students to give a lecture, as a good exercise for their thesis defense and to deepen their understanding of their own subject by explaining it to others. This semester's programme is:

Planning for this semester:

7/10:  Wouter Van Werveke - carbon nanotubes (N0.08, 12:00)

14/10: Mathias Van Regemortel - spreading of entanglement after a quench (N0.08, 12:45)

21/10: Wout Van Alphen - snaking instability of solitons in Fermi superfluids (N0.08, 12:45)

28/10: Wouter Verstraelen - extracting work from generalized Gibbs ensembles (N1.08, 12:45)

4/11: Vladimir Gladilin - Kibble-Zurek instability in thin superconducting layers (N1.08, 12:45)

17/11: Mina Morshed - the two-level atom in a metamaterial invisibility cloak (N0.08, 12:45)