Key publications

Vortex structures in ultra-cold atomic gases
Verhelst Nick   Tempere Jacques  
Vortex dynamics and optical vortices / Perez-de-Tejada, Hector [edit.]-p. 1-55
Verification of an analytic fit for the vortex core profile in superfluid Fermi gases
Verhelst Nick   Klimin Sergei   Tempere Jacques  
Physica: C: superconductivity - ISSN 0921-4534-533 (2017) p. 96-100
Flux penetration in a superconducting film partially capped with a conducting layer
Brisbois J.   Gladilin Vladimir   Tempere Jacques   Devreese Jozef   Moshchalkov V.V.   Colauto F.   Motta M.   Johansen T. H.   Fritzsche J.   Adami O. -A.   Nguyen N. D.   Ortiz W. A.   Kramer R. B. G.   Silhanek A. V.  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-95:9 (2017)
Multiband superconductivity due to the electron-LO-phonon interaction in strontium titanate and on a $SrTiO_{3}$/$LaAlO_{3}$ interface
Klimin Sergei   Tempere Jacques   Devreese Jozef   van der Marel D.  
Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism - ISSN 1557-1939-30:3 (2017) p. 757-761
The creation of long-lived multielectron bubbles in superfluid helium
Fang Jieping   Tempere Jacques   Silvera Isaac F.  
Journal of low temperature physics - ISSN 0022-2291-187:1-2 (2017) p. 54-61

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