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Our hair doesn't lie: court increasingly detects drug or alcohol use via hair analysis. Alexander van Nuijs on VRT, 9 March 2024 (in Dutch)

Ever wondered what your toilet visit could reveal about the pharmaceuticals you're taking? Well, follow Tim Boogaerts in the latest video of the Universiteit van Vlaanderen (in Dutch)!

Maarten Quireyns and Tim Boogaerts guided young scientists in the underground world of the sewage system. Campus Curieus, 28 februari 2024 

Tim Boogaerts, Maarten Quireyns and Natan Van Wichelen on "wastewater analysis shows international drug use", Stroom at University of Antwerp

Tim Boogaerts in "The sewer as a mirror of society" Science Figured Out. 

Tim Boogaerts and Hans De Loof about the effect of the fee-waivers on the prescribing and dispensing of analgesics, Het Laatste Nieuws, 16 September 2021.

Tim Boogaerts (TC) talked about drugs and alcohol consumption measured in wastewater, when interviewed by Kobe Ilsen for the tv show #weetikveel, 22 March 2021

Alexander van Nuijs about poison gas novichok, De Morgen August 2020 

Alexander van Nuijs, Peter Delputte, Tim Boogaerts, and Naomi De Roeck investigate whether the monitoring of wastewater in Flanders can be used to monitor the course of the coronavirus infections in the population "Leert afvalwater ons hoeveel mensen effectief met het coronavirus besmet zijn?", Coronablog UAntwerpen - UZA,  20 August 2020

Edible insects low in contaminants. Antwerp toxicologists test for levels of hazardous organic chemicals.