Toxicological analysis as a tool for justice, patient & physician

The forensic analysis division of the Toxicological Centre is coordinated by professor Hugo Neels, Alexander van Nuijs and Adrian Covaci, expert-toxicologists, and they provide forensic services assigned by magistrates. A research interest into the exploration of alternative matrices such as oral fluid and hair has been developed.


  • Alcohol & drugs of abuse in traffic
  • Post-mortem toxicological screening
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Monitoring adherence, abstinence & chronic abuse
  • Drug analysis


  • Biological samples: blood, urine, oral fluid, organs, vitreous humour, ...
  • Hair & nails
  • Seized chemicals, powders, tablets, plant material, ...

The Belgian Accreditation Body of BELAC has granted accreditation (standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) to the Toxicological Centre to perform analyses in the frame of drugs-in-traffic.