Publications in the spotlight

Digital support for academic writing: a review of technologies and pedagogies
Strobl Carola   Ailhaud Emilie   Kalliopi Benetos   Devitt Ann   Kruse Otto   Proske Antje   Rapp Christian  
Computers and education - ISSN 0360-1315-131 (2019) p. 33-48
Orpheus in the trenches: modes of translation in Stefan Hertmans' War and Turpentine
Albers Frank  
Dutch and Flemish Literature as World Literature / D'haen, Theo [edit.]-p. 325-336
Conceptualizing translation revision competence : a pilot study on the fairness and tolerance attitudinal component
Robert Isabelle   Ureel Jimmy   Remael Aline   Rigouts Terryn Ayla  
Perspectives : studies in translatology - ISSN 0907-676X-26:1 (2018) p. 2-23
Investigating empathy in interpreter-mediated simulated consultations : an explorative study
Krystallidou Demi   Remael Aline   De Boe Esther   Hendrickx Kristin   Tsakitzidis Giannoula   Van de Geuchte Sofie   Pype Peter  
Patient education and counseling - ISSN 0738-3991-101:1 (2018) p. 33-42
Una deuda histórica: formación de intérpretes de la justicia en Oaxaca
Kleinert Cristina   Stallaert Christiane  
Transfer - ISSN 1886-5542-13:1-2 (2018) p. 13-29

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