Members of the TricS research group and their partners cooperate in numerous research projects, organised research related events and publish extensively about their work.

Under "Projects", you can find projects financed by the University Research Fund BOF, by the Research Foundation Flanders FWO, by Erasmus+ (e.g. ADLAB Pro, ILSA and ACT) or International institutions. In the ACT project, we created a MOOC on Accessibility to the Scenic Arts, click here on the right to take have a look!

Under "Other projects", we listed other projects, such as PhD projects with other funding.

LANS-TTS(Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series - Themes in Translation Studies) is an annual, peer-reviewed, open-access publication devoted to the study of translation and interpreting that is indexed in the Web of Science. The journal is not bound to any particular school of thought or academic group. However, it is historically linked to our research group or at least some of its members, such as Isabelle Robert, Chief Editor, and Aline Remael, Iris Schrijver, Katrien Lievois and Jimmy Ureel, members of the Editorial Team.