Every year in July, the Urban Studies Institute organises an international and interdisciplinary summer school, which each time concentrates on a different theme. The aim is to develop a varied and integrated educational program for master students, young scholars and professionals working in the broader field of urban studies or preoccupied with cities and urban societies in general.

CityLAB X: The Sustainable City

1-5 July, University of Antwerp Stadscampus

For the tenth edition of the City Lab, we investigate how contemporary cities transform into sustainable cities. Taking an integrated perspective on sustainability, the summer school bridges natural sciences, urban technology, social sciences and humanities and offers insights from both academic and non-academic expertise.


The themes of the previous editions:

  • 2013: CityLAB I: Interdisciplinaire summer school ‘Naar een duurzame Grootstad’
  • 2014: CityLAB II: Suburbanism
  • 2015: CityLAB III: The productive City
  • 2016: CityLAB IV: The City as a Market Place
  • 2017: CityLAB V: The Smart City: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • 2018: CityLAB VI: City Aesthetics and Citizenship
  • 2019: CityLAB VII: The Sustainable City
  • 2022: CityLAB VIII: Creating Healthy Cities
  • 2023: CityLAB IX: Cities and States