Team expertise

The research Group Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry offers veterinary expertise in planning and executing surgical interventions on animals (eg within the framework of scientific research). It has (limited) stable facilities for large animals (sheep, pigs, horses, cows and small camelids) and offers expertise in veterinary management of animals, within the limits of zootechnical (non-infectious) research experiments. Expertise on housing and management of large animals (dairy cattle industry) is available for third parties and public use. More specifically, a vast expertise is available on reproductive physiology and bovine herd health management. Services are offered within the framework of scientific collaboration or a financial agreement ( In addition, the research group offers a broad expertise on gene expression techniques, which was initiated within the research group of Ecophysiology, Biochemistry ad Toxicology (EBT, UA) and further developed over the past 5 years. In the future, the collaboration between the two groups will even increase and result in the establishment of a gene expression platform to offer services to other partners within and outside of the University of Antwerp (