Cell culture equipment

Culture of e.g. bovine oviductal epithelial cells (BOEC), bovine endometrial eptihelial cells (BEEC), granulosa and theca cells, …

In vitro oocyte maturation, fertilisation and embryo production equipment

  • In vitro production of bovine embryos (bIVP)
  • Bovine follicle culture (bFC)
  • Mouse follicle bio-assay (mFBA)
  • In vitro production of mouse embryos (mIVP)

Staining and visualization equipment

Normal and inverted loops, microscopes and fluorescent microscopes, image analysis software

Vitrification set

Embryo and oocyte vitrification

Cell Storage in LN2


Cooled centrifuge (different rotors)

Multiple applications

Cell quality and viability assessment tools


Climate chamber

Keeping and breeding zebrafish under optimal temperature and light conditions

Zebtec standalone rack

Automated zebrafish housing system connected to RO production system


Exposure of zebrafish early life stages under optimal temperature and light conditions


Automated zebrafish larval behavior analysis and tracking with dedicated software

Stereomicroscopes with high resolution camera and on-screen live imaging

Morphological scoring of zebrafish early life stages

Standard Operating Procedure manuals