Studium Generale – ‘Science and Society’ lecture cycle

Every autumn, the University of Antwerp organises eight free lectures on current social developments. Each evening starts with a one-hour lecture, which is followed by a Q&A round and a moderated debate among guest speakers and the audience. Participation is free and everyone is welcome to attend.
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Kekulé Lecture Cycle

The Kekulé cycles includes lectures of a broad, visionary, scientific nature which focus on scientific research, innovation and creativity. The cycle aims to confront participants with our increasingly complex society and with an industrial world which is having to reconcile profitability with social accountability.
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Spectrum – Lectures, encounters, debates

Spectrum runs a range of lectures for people of all ages, with the motto "science, education and culture go hand in hand". The programme features afternoon lectures (given by University of Antwerp and university college lecturers and alumni), as well as 'science encounters' and visits to the university.
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Science Central

No auditorium or monologue, academic atmosphere or classical debate, but an informal meeting where people listen, talk and discuss. Scientists talk about their work and passion in a friendly atmosphere. Socially relevant, current or fascinating. For everyone with a healthy thirst for knowledge!
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Debating Development

Debating Development is both an accredited course and a public platform for reflection on topics of development. Each topic is introduced on the basis of a presentation by a renowned speaker. A discussant sets the stage for further debate. Our speakers come from international institutes, civil society and academia. Most of the discussions are moderated by the academic staff of the UAntwerp.
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Spring lectures

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