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Collaborations on disease models:

Collaborations on fish physiology


Bio-medical imaging is a key enabling technology that typically classifies for collaborative projects. Therefore, the Bio-Imaging Lab has adopted collaboration as part of its research strategy.

Bio-medical imaging requires highly specific equipment and expertise. The Bio-Imaging Lab can apply this imaging expertise to a lot of biological and bio-medical research fields; as such intensive collaboration is part of the culture of the Bio-Imaging Lab. The long list of successful national and international collaborative projects demonstrates this.
This collaborative strategy is supported by the University of Antwerp and hence the Bio-Imaging Lab is a core facility offering access to MRI and BLI imaging to other academic groups.
Furthermore, the Bio-Imaging Lab is an active member of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI) and participates in training programs and dissemination of knowledge on bio-medical imaging. Prof. Annemie Van Der Linden is vice-president of ESMI.