Alberto Horst Neidhardt is lecturer in the Faculty of Law for the courses ‘Global Legal Systems’ (together with Prof. Dr. Koen De Feyter) and ‘Legal Pluralism’.

Prior to joining University of Antwerp, he was PhD candidate in law at the European University Institute (2013-2018), Teaching Assistant at the School of Oriental and African Studies (2010-2012) and Research Assistant at Queen Mary (2012), University of London. 

Alberto’s research interest lies at the intersection between the regulation of transnational family relations, the governance of migration and the juridical construction of European nation-states. His doctoral thesis examined the transformation of private international law in historical and comparative perspective, identifying the separate development of rules and principles regulating cross-border family relations and shedding light on their role in the constitution of state legal systems and national societies.

Before embarking on his doctoral research, he taught comparative law and legal pluralism at SOAS. He also took part in RELIGARE (‘Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe: Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy’), a European framework project examing different models of governance for societies with a high degree of cultural and religious diversity. In 2015, Alberto also gained experience on the law and the politics of personal mobility working in Unit C2 (‘Union Citizenship Rights and Free Movement) in DG ‘Justice and Consumers’ of the European Commission. 

In addition to being lecturer at University of Antwerp, Alberto is also Policy Analyst for the European Diversity and Migration programme of the European Policy Centre, in Brussels. At the EPC, he works on asylum, migration, and integration matters, with a particular interest in the politics of migration and specific expertise on EU law and jurisprudence. 

Alberto holds an LLM in European and Comparative Laws from the EUI (2013) and a Master’s degree in International and Comparative Law from SOAS (2011). He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Languages, Culture and Institutions of Eurasia and of the Mediterranean from Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice (2009).


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