Anne Bergmans

Senior researcher and lecturer

Publications in the spotlight

Long-term repository governance : a socio-technical challenge
Landstroem Catharina   Bergmans Anne  
Journal of risk research - ISSN 1366-9877-18:3 (2015) p. 378-391
The participatory turn in radioactive waste management : deliberation and the socialtechnical divide
Bergmans Anne   Sundqvist Goran   Kos Drago   Simmons Peter  
Journal of risk research - ISSN 1366-9877-18:3 (2015) p. 347-363
Co-producing sustainability indicators for the port of Antwerp : how sustainability reporting creates new discursive spaces for concern and mobilisation
Bergmans Anne   Vandermoere Frédéric   Loots Ilse  
ESSACHESS - ISSN 2066-5083-7:1 (2014) p. 107-123
Perspectives on radioactive waste repository monitoring : confirmation, compliance, confidence building, and societal vigilance
Bergmans Anne   Elam Mark   Simmons Peter   Sundqvist Göran  
TECHNIKFOLGENABSCHÄTZUNG - Theorie und Praxis - ISSN 1619-7623-21:3 (2012) p. 22-28
A socio-technical perspective on repository monitoring
Bergmans Anne   Elam E.   Simmons P.   Sundqvist G.  
WM2012 Conference, February 26-March 1, 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA-p. 1803-1811

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