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Perceptions of community and clinic-based adherence clubs for patients stable on antiretroviral treatment : a mixed methods study
Mudavanhu Mutsa   West Nora S.   Schwartz Sheree R.   Mutunga Lillian   Keyser Valerie   Bassett Jean   Van Rie Annelies   Hanrahan Colleen F.  
Aids and behavior - ISSN 1090-7165-24:4 (2020) p. 1197-1206
The effect of HIV infection and exposure on cognitive development in the first two years of life in Malawi
Struyf Thomas   Dube Queen   Cromwell Elizabeth A.   Sheahan Anna D.   Heyderman Robert S.   Van Rie Annelies  
European journal of paediatric neurology - ISSN 1090-3798-25 (2020) p. 157-164
The devil is in the diversity : exploring within-person evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Van Rie Annelies   Meehan Conor  
EBioMedicine - ISSN 2352-3964-55 (2020) p. 1-2
Discordances between molecular assays for rifampicin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: frequency, mechanisms and clinical impact
Van Rie Annelies   Whitfield Michael G.   De Vos Elise   Scott Lesley   Da Silva Pedro   Hayes Cindy   Heupink Tim   Sirgel Frederick A.   Stevens Wendy   Warren Robin M.  
The journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy - ISSN 0305-7453-75:5 (2020) p. 1123-1129
Qualitative characterizations of relationships among South African adolescent girls and young women and male partners: implications for engagement across HIV self-testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis prevention cascades
Holmes Leah E.   Kaufman Michelle R.   Casella Albert   Mudavanhu Mutsa   Mutunga Lillian   Polzer Tara   Bassett Jean   Van Rie Annelies   Schwartz Sheree  

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