Key publications

Performance of HIV rapid tests among breastfeeding, Malawian infants
Smith Emily R.   Sheahan Anna D.   Heyderman Robert S.   Miller William C.   Wheeler Stephanie   Hudgens Michael   Nelson Julie A. E.   Dube Queen   Van Rie Annelies  
The pediatric infectious disease journal - ISSN 0891-3668-36:4 (2017) p. 405-411
The epidemiology, pathogenesis, transmission, diagnosis, and management of multidrug-resistant, extensively drug-resistant, and incurable tuberculosis
Dheda Keertan   Gumbo Tawanda   Maartens Gary   Dooley Kelly E.   McNerney Ruth   Murray Megan   Furin Jennifer   Nardell Edward A.   London Leslie   Lessem Erica   Theron Grant   van Helden Paul   Niemann Stefan   Merker Matthias   Dowdy David   Van Rie Annelies   Siu Gilman K. H.   Pasipanodya Jotam G.   Rodrigues Camilla   Clark Taane G.   Sirgel Frik A.   Esmail Aliasgar   Lin Hsien-Ho   Atre Sachin R.   Schaaf H. Simon   Chang Kwok Chiu   Lange Christoph   Nahid Payam   Udwadia Zarir F.   Horsburgh C. Robert, Jr.   Churchyard Gavin J.   Menzies Dick   Hesseling Anneke C.   Nuermberger Eric   McIlleron Helen   Fennelly Kevin P.   Goemaere Eric   Jaramillo Ernesto   Low Marcus   Moran Jara Carolina   Padayatchi Nesri   Warren Robin M.  
The lancet respiratory medicine - ISSN 2213-2600-5:4 (2017) p. 291-360
Client uptake of safer conception strategies: implementation outcomes from the Sakh'umndeni Safer Conception Clinic in South Africa
Schwartz Sheree R.   Bassett Jean   Holmes Charles B.   Yende Nompumelelo   Phofa Rebecca   Sanne Ian   Van Rie Annelies  
Journal of the International AIDS Society - ISSN 1758-2652-20:s:[1] (2017)
Timing of HIV seroreversion among HIV-rxposed, breastfed infants in Malawi : type of HIV rapid test matters
Smith Emily R.   Hudgens Michael   Sheahan Anna D.   Miller William C.   Wheeler Stephanie   Nelson Julie A. E.   Dube Queen   Van Rie Annelies  
Maternal and child health journal - ISSN 1092-7875-21:2 (2017) p. 248-252
A proposed novel framework for monitoring and evaluation of the cascade of HIV-associated TB care at the health facility level
Hanrahan Colleen F.   Van Rie Annelies  
Journal of the International AIDS Society - ISSN 1758-2652-20 (2017)

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