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"Are you making your network work?" Examining SES differences in the transition from education to work. 01/05/2020 - 30/04/2024


The transition from education to work is a challenging life phase for many graduates. This especially holds for youngsters stemming from a low socio-economic background. Prior research has shown that in general their transition to work is less successful compared to peers with a high socio-economic status (SES). Within this project, a 'successful' transition refers to holding a stable and satisfying job. As such, both objective (employment status and contract) and subjective indicators (job satisfaction and person-organisation fit) are considered. Prior research has argued that SES differences can be attributed to a differential access to resources. Yet, little is known about these specific resources. The current project advances an individual's social network as a crucial resource in the transition from education to work. More specifically, it examines if the composition, quality and dynamics of social networks differ among high and low SES individuals and how this relates to their transition to work. Finally, this project considers within-group differences; as it aims to unravel whether low SES graduates who manage to go against the pattern of intergenerational transmission of SES, develop different social networks compared to their peers.


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