Adrem research group


  • Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Recommendation Systems, Data Cleaning
  • Phd-students
    • Yannick Jadoul, Olivier Jeunen, Mozhgan Karimi, Lien Michiels, Robin Verachtert, Joey De Pauw
    • Former: dr. Len Feremans (2020), dr. Joeri Rammelaere (2018), dr. Aida Mrzic (2018), dr. Elyne Scheurwegs (2017), dr. Wout Bittremieux (2017), dr. Koen Verstrepen (2015), dr. Emin Aksehirli (2015), dr. Tayena Hendrickx (2015), dr. Cheng Zhou (2015), dr. Sandy Moens (2014), dr. Trung Nghia Vu (2014), dr. Antonio Gomariz (2014), dr. Boris Cule (2012), dr. Calin Garboni (2012), dr. Koen Smets (2012), dr. Michael Mampaey (2011), dr. Wim Le Page (2009), dr. Adriana Prado (2009)
  • Awards
    • IEEE ICDM 2001 Best Paper Award for 'A tight upper bound on the number of candidate patterns'
    • PKDD 2002 Best Paper Award for 'Mining All Non-Derivable Frequent Itemsets'
    • ECML PKDD 2012 Ten Year Award for the most influential paper published at ECML PKDD 2002: 'Mining All Non-Derivable Frequent Itemsets'
    • ECML PKDD 2013 Open Science Award for 'SCII: Sequence Classification based on Interesting Itemsets'
    • ACM RecSys 2020 Best Reviewer Award 


  • Action Editor of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal
  • Editorial Board member of Elsevier Big Data research
  • Editor-in-chief of ACM SIGKDD Explorations (2011-2013)
  • General Chair of IEEE ICDM 2012
  • Program Chair of SIAM DM 2010, ECML PKDD 2008, FIMI 2003, and several other workshops
  • PC member of many conferences such as ACM SIGKDD, IEEE ICDM, SIAM DM, ECML PKDD, SIGMOD, PAKDD, ...