Bart Ribbens


Publications in the spotlight

High-resolution temporal profilometry using Fourier estimation
Ribbens Bart   Jacobs V.A.   Vuye Cedric   Buytaert Jan   Dirckx Joris   Vanlanduit Steve  
Recent advances in topography research / Buytaert, Jan [edit.]-p. 61-108
Planar segmentation by time-of-flight cameras
Penne Rudi   Mertens Luc   Ribbens Bart  
Lecture notes in computer science - ISSN 0302-9743-8192 (2013) p. 286-297
Aberration-free moiré profilometry : analysis, simulation and implementation of the optimal setup geometry
Buytaert Jan   Ribbens Bart   Vanlanduit Steve   Dirckx Joris  
Optics and lasers in engineering - ISSN 0143-8166-50:8 (2012) p. 1119-1129

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