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Epidermal growth factor and its influencing variables in healthy children and adults
Meybosch Sarang   De Monie Amandine   Anné Charlotte   Bruyndonckx Luc   Jürgens Angelika   De Winter Benedicte   Trouet Dominique   Ledeganck Kristien  
PLoS ONE - ISSN 1932-6203-14:1 (2019)
The differential roles of T cells in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity
Van Herck Mikhaïl   Weyler Jonas   Kwanten Wilhelmus   Dirinck Eveline   De Winter Benedicte   Francque Sven   Vonghia Luisa  
Frontiers in immunology - ISSN 1664-3224-10 (2019)
Postoperative continuation of antidepressant therapy is associated with reduced short-term weight loss following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery
Plaeke Philip   Van Den Eede Filip   Gys Ben   Beunis Anthony   Ruppert Martin   de Man Joris   De Winter Benedicte   Hubens Guy  
Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery - ISSN 1435-2443-404:5 (2019) p. 621-631
Clinical- and surgery-specific risk factors for post-operative sepsis : a systematic review and meta-analysis of over 30 million patients
Plaeke Philip   de Man Joris   Coenen Samuel   Jorens Philippe   De Winter Benedicte   Hubens Guy  
Surgery today - ISSN 0941-1291- (2019) p. 1-13
Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor C11 (Mrgprc11) induces visceral hypersensitivity in the mouse colon : a novel target in gut nociception?
Van Remoortel Samuel   Ceuleers Hannah   Arora Rohit   Van Nassauw Luc   de Man Joris   Buckinx Roeland   De Winter Benedicte   Timmermans Jean-Pierre  
Neurogastroenterology and motility - ISSN 1350-1925-31:8 (2019)

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