Bert De Munck

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Publications in the spotlight

Guilds, labour and the urban body politic: fabricating community in the Southern Netherlands, 1300-1800
de Munck Bert  
Routledge, 2018,312 p.
Cities and creativity from the Renaissance to the present
Van Damme Ilja   de Munck Bert   Miles Andrew  
New York, N.Y., Routledge, 2017,276 p.
Concepts of value in European material culture, 1500-1900
de Munck Bert   Lyna Dries  
Farmham, Ashgate, 2015,304 p.
Artisans, products and gifts : rethinking the history of material culture in early modern Europe
de Munck Bert  
Past and present: a journal of historical studies - ISSN 0031-2746-224 (2014) p. 39-74

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