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Bob's research activities aim at healthy and regenerative resource-use in relation to architecture and cities. His particular interest goes out to material quality and material-flows, applying a transdisciplinary systems approach: from raw material sourcing and product design to operational performance and environmental impact. Bob's doctoral research focused on the relation between Open Building and Circular Building, elaborating on the synergistic potential of flexibility in interior lay-out and circularity of associated materials and products. His primary aim is to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical implementation, in order to enhance transitions of our built environment from linear and degenerative to circular and regenerative.

Appointment design team for Impact Factory Mechelen (partial assignment expertise circular construction). 11/01/2023 - 31/12/2025


The city of Mechelen and the Stadsmakersfonds have appointed WIT Architecten to design Impact Factory, a new circular hub to emerge from the reconversion of the current 'Potterij' and an office building on Graaf van Egmontstraat. Impact Factory will provide space for offices, small-scale production, initiatives within the sharing economy, meetings and events, and aspires to become the base for the circular economy in and around Mechelen. The city of Mechelen and the Stadsmakersfonds want the Impact Factory to be realised following the principles of circular and 'change-oriented' construction. One of the project conditions was to involve an expert in this field. WIT Architecten chose Bob Geldermans, a professor at the University of Antwerp, whose work focuses on regenerative resource systems in relation to architecture. The design makes maximum use of the two vacant buildings, avoiding unnecessary building, and maximises recovery and reuse of materials and the use of natural materials. Moreover, Impact Factory integrates education and research activities, optimising the exchange of knowledge and skills in the transition from linear to circular built environments.


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