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Professor in Oncology - Exosomes Group Leader - Head Early Clinical Trials UZA

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About Christian Rolfo

Prof. Dr. Christian Rolfo, MD,PhD,MBA (Cordoba, Argentina), is board certified oncologist by University of Milan, Italy; and  PhD in Clinical and Experimental Oncology (thesis on EGFR mutation).  He has worked at  Spanish Group for Lung Cancer, with  Prof. Rafael Rosell, actively involved in studies of molecular biology and clinical research in NSCLC. He has completed his training in Phase I program at MD Anderson, Texas, USA. He is from 2012, Professor in Oncology, Head of Phase I – Early Clinical Trails at Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium, and Professor in Oncology  at  Navarra University, Spain and Palermo University, Italy. 
Prof. Rolfo was also appointed in 2012 Director of Clinical Trails Management Program in Oncology and Director of “Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Fellowship and Drug Development: Clinical and Experimental” at Antwerp University Hospital.
He is working in Translational  Research & Drug Development. He is also working on Liquid Biopsies in Lung Cancer. He is leading the program of Exosomes at the Center for Oncological Research of Antwerp (CORE) at Antwerp University. 
He is the author of numerous papers published in worldwide prestigious journals including New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet Oncology, Oncotarget, JCO, Lung Cancer, among others. Prof. Rolfo  is currently  member of the educational committee of IALSC  and the  membership committee of ESMO. He is  Section Editor of Investigational Therapeutics in CROH and editorial board member of several journals. In addition Prof. Rolfo is member of the Drug Approval Commission and Expert of First in Human Drugs at Belgium Ministry of Health (FAGG) and external expert at EMA (European Medicine Agency).

Prof. Rolfo Exosomes group:

Senior Dr. Simona Taverna, lecturer at UA

Joint Phd Students: Pablo Reclusa, Marzia Pucci, Mahafain Maralani

External Fellows: Elena Durendez (Spain), Anna Paola Carreca (Italy), Anna Valentino (IT)

Free DNA: Laure Sorber

Past Join PhD: Marta Castiglia, Marco Giallombardo, Rodolfo Mauceri

Past Fellows in Drug Development: Andreia Coelho (PT), Amanda Nogueira (PT), Jose Ferri (SP), David Arias Ron (SP), Francesco Passiglia (IT), Eduardo Castañon (SP)

Past Erasmus students: Marzia Magianini (Italy) , Angel Rodriguez (Spain), Roberto Borea (IT), Paolo Manca (IT)

Past  IASLC Mentorship Program: Thungappa S. (India)


External Partners:

VU Amsterdam (NL): Prof. Elisa Giovannetti (Biomarkers and pharmacology)

University of Palermo (IT): Prof. Antonio Russo (Oncology / Liquid Biopsies) / Prof. Riccardo Alessandro (Exosomes)

University of Navarra (SP): Prof. Ignacio Gil-Bazo (Lung Cancer/ Translational)

GENYO (SP): Prof. Maria Jose Serrano (Liquid Biopsies)

Centro Hospitalar do Porto (PT): Prof. Antonio Araujo (Lung Cancer)

Memorial Cancer Institute (USA): Prof. Luis E. Raez (Lung Cancer / Translational/ Liquid Biopsies)

University Politecnic of Valencia (SP): Prof. Eloisa Jantus (Exosomes - Liquid Biopsies)

National Cancer Institute Peru (PE): Dr. Henry Gomez,Dr.Luis Mas, Dr.Rossana Ruiz (Lung and Cervical Cancer biomarkers)

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Universy Israel): Prof. Dov Hershkovitz (Translational Research - Liquid biopsy, Education)

Fundacion Arturo Lopez Perez (Chile): Dr. Christian Caglevic, Dr. Eva Bustamante (Early Clinical Trials Unit, Lung Cancer biomarkers)

National Guard Health Affairs, Oncology Department (Ryadh, KSA): Prof. Abdul-Rahman Jazieh (Phase I Unit, Educational)

Instituto Português de Oncologia (Porto, Portugal): Dr. Julio de Oliveira (Liquid Biopsy IO)

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