Diana Arbaiza

Diana Arbaiza


Grote Kauwenberg 18
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Originally from Bilbao, Spain, I obtained my doctorate in Hispanic Studies at the University of Illinois. After working at North Carolina State University for several years, I joined the University of Antwerp in 2017.My main research interests revolve around the literary representations of postcolonial national identity in Spain since the late 19th century, with a special interest in discourses of modernity and intersections between cultural and economic projects. My book The Spirit of Hispanism: Culture and Commerce Across the Atlantic (1875-1936) (Notre Dame University Press, 2019 https://undpress.nd.edu/9780268106959/the-spirit-of-hispanism/) investigates how Hispanism -a movement of transatlantic rapprochement between Spain and Spanish America- was envisioned by Peninsular intellectuals as a symbolic and commercial re-conquest of the lost colonies. In this work I study the influence of political economy on authors such as Juan Valera, José del Perojo, Rafael de Altamira and Ramiro de Maeztu but I also examine how entrepreneurs and economists participated in the cultural discourse of Hispanism. 


My interest in the impact of postcolonial legacies on Spanish modern culture has led me to my new project about the literary and cultural representations of Spanish colonization in Equatorial Guinea during the late nineteenth century until independence in 1968. I have forthcoming articles on this topic in Bulletin of Spanish Studies and Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos. While in this new research I'm largely working with 20th century cultural production, I also continue to investigate on 19th century Hispanic literature with a special focus on gender studies, my other area of interest. 


At the University of Antwerp, I offer undergraduate and Master courses on modernity and coloniality in nineteenth century Spain and feminism and gender in contemporary Spanish culture. I also teach an introductory course on Spanish and Spanish American literature and Spaanse taalbeheersing 2. If you are a prospective student and you have any question concerning the language level and content of my courses, feel free to send me an e-mail.