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Dr. Didier Verhoeven is medical oncologist working in AZ KLINA, Brasschaat, IRIDIUM cancer network, Belgium, He is  head of the department Medical Oncology  KLINA and was chairman of the medical council of the IRIDIUM cancer network for 10 years.

He was a trainee of Prof. AT. Van Oosterom and is currently Clinical Director of the “Breast Clinic Voorkempen” which treated nearly 275 new cases of breast cancer a year. (Accreditation by EUSOMA since 2015)

Dr.D.Verhoeven defended his PhD. thesis about breast cancer: “Tumor cell proliferation and stromal changes in breast cancer” at the University of Antwerp in 1992. In addition he obtained a master degree in medical and pharmaceutical research at the University of Brussels.

He wrote many papers about oncology especially about breast cancer in international and national peer reviewed journals. He is member of a lot of cancer societies. Although he is a real clinician, part of his work goes to data management and quality improvement programs. 1/11/2014 he was appointed as guest professor medical oncology (topic:quality in oncology) at the University of Antwerp.  February 2015 he was the driving force and chair of the 5the International Congress of Breast Disease Centers in Antwerp. In 2018 Oxford University Press accepted his book : “Global Breast Care Quality” for publication ( 2019 ) . He is the editor leading a worldwide faculty of more than 80 top-experts ( co-editors : C.Kaufman, US, R.Mansel, UK and S.Siesling, The Netherlands )

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