Publications in the spotlight

Language policy evaluation in business settings
Vermandere Dieter   Vangehuchten Lieve   Van Herck Rebecca  
European journal of language policy - ISSN 1757-6822-11:1 (2019) p. 25-46
"O ce va, o se ne va...": il romanesco 'eterno' in Walter Siti
Vermandere Dieter  
Roma-amoR: archeologia letteraria e visiva in sei saggi / Geerts, Walter [edit.]-p. 91-106
A preliminary needs analysis for online collaborative learning
Ruelens Elke   Van deneynde Nick   Vermandere Dieter  
Collaborative learning and new media : new insights into an evolving field / Ludwig, Christian; et-p. 291-310
How functionless is junk and how useful is exaptation? Probing the -I/ESC- morpheme
Vermandere Dieter   Meul Claire  
Exaptation and language change / Norde, Muriel [edit.]; et al.-p. 261-285
Verb-subject inversion in Romance : the other way round
Vermandere Dieter   Lahousse Karen  
Current issues in Italian, Romance and Germanic non-canonical word orders / Cesare, De, Anna-Maria; et al.-p. 71-98

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