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Development and validation of an in vitro experimental gastroIntestinal dialysis model with colon phase to study the availability and colonic metabolisation of polyphenolic compounds
Breynaert Annelies   Bosscher Douwina   Kahnt Ariane   Claeys Magda   Cos Paul   Pieters Luc   Hermans Nina  
Planta medica: natural products and medicinal plant research - ISSN 0032-0943-81:12-13 (2015) p. 1075-1083
Lactotripeptides: control of blood pressure
Bosscher Douwina  
Nutrafoods - ISSN 1827-8590-9 (2010) p. 17-22
Gezondheidseffecten van prebiotica : hun rol bij de bioconversie van polyfenolen door darmbacteriƫn
Breynaert Annelies   Bosscher Douwina   Hermans Nina  
Nederlands tijdschrift voor fytotherapie - ISSN 1384-8925-8:4 (2009) p. 8-10
Food-based strategies to modulate the composition of the microbiota and their associated health effects
Bosscher Douwina   Breynaert Annelies   Pieters Luc   Hermans Nina  
Journal of physiology and pharmacology - ISSN 0867-5910-60:S:6 (2009) p. 5-11
The role of functional lipids in appetite regulation and weight management
Bosscher Douwina   Viberg A.  
Journal of anti-aging medicine - ISSN 1094-5458-11 (2009) p. 102-108

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