Publications in the spotlight

Predicting students' intention to use stimulants for academic performance enhancement
Ponnet Koen   Wouters Edwin   Walrave Michel   Heirman Wannes   Van Hal Guido F.  
Substance use and misuse - ISSN 1082-6084-50:3 (2015) p. 275-282
The impact of community support initiatives on the stigma experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Masquillier Caroline   Wouters Edwin   Mortelmans Dimitri   le Roux Booysen Frederik  
Aids and behavior - ISSN 1090-7165-19:2 (2015) p. 214-226
A peer adherence support intervention to improve the antiretroviral treatment outcomes of HIV patients in South Africa : the moderating role of family dynamics
Wouters Edwin   Masquillier Caroline   Ponnet Koen   le Roux Booysen Frederik  
Social science and medicine: A: medical sociology - ISSN 0277-9536-113 (2014) p. 145-153
Life with HIV as a chronic illness: a theoretical and methodological framework for antiretroviral treatment studies in resource-limited settings
Wouters Edwin  
Social theory and health - ISSN 1477-8211-10:4 (2012) p. 368-391
The national strategic plan of South Africa: what are the prospects of success against the backdrop ot he repeated failure of previoux AIDS policy?
Wouters Edwin   van Rensburg H.C.J.   Meulemans Herman  
Health policy and planning - ISSN 0268-1080-25:3 (2010) p. 171-185
Role of communities in HIV/AIDS care
Wouters Edwin   van Rensburg Dingie   Meulemans Herman  
Health affairs - ISSN 0278-2715-29:6 (2010) p. 1275
No one should walk alone: achieving universal treatment access through community mobilization
Wouters Edwin  
Strengthening health systems: Global Forum update on research for health / Gardner, C.A. [edit.]; et al. [edit.]-p. 78-79

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