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Q-INSPEX: Quantitative industrial inspection through non-invasive imaging. 15/10/2020 - 31/12/2026


Q-INSPEX aims at the development of novel imaging and image processing protocols to non-invasively and quantitatively inspect objects and subjects. Core imaging technologies herein are X-ray, (near)-infrared, and TeraHertz imaging. These technologies are largely complementary to each other and can be used in different set-ups as (i) an R&D tool to measure specific characteristics of materials (e.g. food structures or polymers), (ii) as a quality control procedure implemented within an industrial setting (i.e. compatible with processing speeds) or (iii) in-field inspections of crops and infrastructure (e.g. corrosion). Furthermore, they can be applied in a wide variety of domains: additive manufacturing, composites, art objects, textiles, archaeology, crops, food, etc.


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