Publications in the spotlight

A mood state-specific interaction between kynurenine metabolism and inflammation is present in bipolar disorder
van den Ameele Seline   van Nuijs Alexander   Lai Foon Yin   Schuermans Jeroen   Verkerk Robert   van Diermen Linda   Coppens Violette   Fransen Erik   de Boer Peter   Timmers Maarten   Sabbe Bernard   Morrens Manuel  
Bipolar disorders - ISSN 1398-5647-22:1p. 59-69
A survey on BDSM-related activities : BDSM experience correlates with age of first exposure, interest profile, and role identity
Coppens Violette   Ten Brink S.   Huys Wim   Fransen Erik   Morrens Manuel  
Thejournal of sex research - ISSN 0022-4499-57:1 (2020) p. 129-136
Identification of ageing state clusters of reclaimed asphalt binders using principal component analysis (PCA) and hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) based on chemo-rheological parameters
Margaritis Alexandros   Soenen Hilde   Fransen Erik   Pipintakos Georgios   Jacobs Geert   Blom Johan   Van den bergh Wim  
Construction and building materials - ISSN 0950-0618-244 (2020) p. 1-13
Immune and neuroendocrine trait and state markers in psychotic illness : decreased kynurenines marking psychotic exacerbations
De Picker Livia   Fransen Erik   Coppens Violette   Timmers Maarten   de Boer Peter   Oberacher Herbert   Fuchs Dietmar   Verkerk Robert   Sabbe Bernard   Morrens Manuel  
Frontiers in immunology - ISSN 1664-3224-10 (2020) p. 1-12
Between pleasure and pain : a pilot study on the biological mechanisms associated with BDSM interactions in dominants and submissives
Wuyts Elise   De Neef Nele   Coppens Violette   Fransen Erik   Schellens Eline   Van Der Pol Maarten   Morrens Manuel  
Journal of sexual medicine - ISSN 1743-6095-17:4 (2020) p. 784-792

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