Key publications

Antibiotic stewardship interventions in hospitals in low-and middle-income countries : a systematic review
Van Dijck Christophe   Vlieghe Erika   Cox Janneke Arnoldine  
Bulletin of the World Health Organization - ISSN 0042-9686-96:4 (2018) p. 266-280
Antimicrobial storage and antibiotic knowledge in the community : a cross-sectional pilot study in north-western Angola
Cortez Joana   Rosario Edite   Pires Joao E.   Lopes Joao Taborda   Francisco Moises   Vlieghe Erika   Brito Miguel  
International journal of infectious diseases - ISSN 1201-9712-60 (2017) p. 83-87
Clinical utility of the nonstructural 1 antigen rapid diagnostic test in the management of dengue in returning travelers with fever
Huits Ralph   Soentjens Patrick   Maniewski-Kelner Ula   Theunissen Caroline   Van den Broucke Steven   Florence Eric   Clerinx Jan   Vlieghe Erika   Jacobs Jan   Cnops Lieselotte   Van Den Bossche Dorien   Van Esbroeck Marjan   Bottieau Emmanuel  
Open Forum Infectious Diseases - ISSN 2328-8957-4:1 (2017)
The clinical and microbiological characteristics of enteric fever in Cambodia, 2008-2015
Kuijpers Laura M. F.   Phe Thong   Veng Chhun H.   Lim Kruy   leng Sovann   Kham Chun   Fawal Nizar   Fabre Laetitia   Le Hello Simon   Vlieghe Erika   Weill Francois-Xavier   Jacobs Jan   Peetermans Willy E.  
The big imitator strikes again : a case report of neurosyphilis in a patient with newly diagnosed HIV
de Bruijn Severine   Kenyon Chris   Leonard Nicolas   Vlieghe Erika  
Acta clinica Belgica - ISSN 1784-3286-72:5 (2017) p. 372-374

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