Erwin Knuyt

Erwin Knuyt


Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Erwin Knuyt is lecturer at the University of Antwerp since 2016, where he teaches the course‘Business Marketing’. He has a business background working in sales and marketing function in industries such as automotive, power transmission, electronics and food packaging. Erwin Knuyt is a business consultant with a wide experience in industry and consulting. He works on design and implementation of complex transformation projects. He combines his marketing experience with his change management experience focused on the human side of transformation.

Erwin Knuyt is owner of PragmaticMinds, a network organization aimed at supporting organisations in Cultural Transformation, Leadership in Change and Organisational Behaviour.  Erwin Knuyt is managing partner of Skein Company, a service provider of strategic marketing skills training. 


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  • visiting tutor