Filip Lardon

Vice-rector - Full professor

Publications in the spotlight

The potential and controversy of targeting STAT family members in cancer
Verhoeven Yannick   Tilborghs Sam   Jacobs Julie   De Waele Jorrit   Quatannens Delphine   Deben Christophe   Prenen Hans   Pauwels Patrick   Trinh Xuan Bich   Wouters An   Smits Evelien   Lardon Filip   Van Dam Peter AndrĂ©  
Seminars in cancer biology - ISSN 1044-579X-60 (2020) p. 41-56
Specialized blood collection tubes for liquid biopsy : improving the pre-analytical conditions
Sorber Laure   Zwaenepoel Karen   Jacobs Julie   De Winne Koen   Van Casteren Kaat   Augustus Elien   Lardon Filip   Prenen Hans   Peeters Marc   van Meerbeeck Jan   Roeyen Geert   Rolfo Christian   Pauwels Patrick  
Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy - ISSN 1177-1062-24:1 (2020) p. 113-124
Cetuximab-induced natural killer cell cytotoxicity in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines: investigation of the role of cetuximab sensitivity and HPV status
Baysal Hasan   De Pauw Ines   Zaryouh Hannah   De Waele Jorrit   Peeters Marc   Pauwels Patrick   Vermorken Jan Baptist   Smits Evelien   Lardon Filip   Jacobs Julie   Wouters An  
The British journal of cancer - ISSN 0007-0920-p. 1-10
RANK/RANKL signaling inhibition may improve the effectiveness of checkpoint blockade in cancer treatment
Van Dam Peter AndrĂ©   Verhoeven Yannick   Trinh Xuan Bich   Wouters An   Lardon Filip   Prenen Hans   Smits Evelien   Baldewijns Marcella   Lammens Martin  
Critical reviews in oncology, hematology - ISSN 1040-8428-133 (2019) p. 85-91
Overcoming intrinsic and acquired cetuximab resistance in RAS wild-type colorectal cancer : an in vitro study on the expression of HER receptors and the potential of afatinib
De Pauw Ines   Lardon Filip   Van den Bossche Jolien   Baysal Hasan   Pauwels Patrick   Peeters Marc   Vermorken Jan Baptist   Wouters An  
Cancers - ISSN 2072-6694-11:1 (2019)

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