Floris Wuyts

Full professor - Head of LEIA (Lab for Equilibrium Investigations and Aerospace)


Research group

Lab for Equilibrium Investigations and Aerospace (LEIA)


  • The ESA Artificial Gravity Expert Group (AGEG) is a group of experts appointed by the European Space Agency ESA to advice ESA regarding ground based and space studies related to artificial gravity. This group consists of 6 international experts from different fields (Cardiology, Nutrition, Bone, Neuroscience etc) coming from the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, France and Belgium. We provide input to the ESA on protocols, studies, analysis methods, standardization of methods, interpretation of data etc. The group emerged from a ESA Artificial Gravity Topical Team which is a larger group of experts. I make part of this AGEG group since its initial set up in 2009.


You can find here all of the projects that are recorded in the research database of UAntwerp under the name of the academic staff member that acts as a promoter, copromoter or grant holder (a.o. FWO). It concerns only those research projects and mandates that were acquired after an external or internal competition.