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Two-dimensional hydrogenated buckled gallium arsenide: an ab initio study
Gonzalez Garcia Alvaro   Lopez-Perez W.   Gonzalez-Hernandez R.   Rivera Julio Jagger   Espejo C.   Milošević Milorad   Peeters François  
Journal of physics : condensed matter - ISSN 0953-8984-32:14 (2020)
Circular quantum dots in twisted bilayer graphene
Mirzakhani M.   Peeters François   Zarenia M.  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-101:7 (2020)
Magnetic field induced vortices in graphene quantum dots
Lavor I. R.   da Costa D. R.   Chaves A.   Farias G. A.   Macedo R.   Peeters François  
Journal of physics : condensed matter - ISSN 0953-8984-32:15 (2020)
Reply to "Comment on `Excitons, trions, and biexcitons in transition-metal dichalcogenides: Magnetic-field dependence'"
Van der Donck Matthias   Zarenia M.   Peeters François  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-101:12 (2020)
Quantum properties and applications of 2D Janus crystals and their superlattices
Yagmurcukardes Mehmet   Qin Y.   Ozen S.   Sayyad M.   Peeters François   Tongay S.   Sahin H.  
Applied physics reviews - ISSN 1931-9401-7:1 (2020) p. 1-16

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