Publications in the spotlight

New nanoporous graphyne monolayer as nodal line semimetal : double Dirac points with an ultrahigh Fermi velocity
Li Linyang   Kong Xiangru   Peeters François  
Carbon - ISSN 0008-6223-141 (2019) p. 712-718
Vibrational properties of germanane and fluorinated germanene in the chair, boat, and zigzag-line configurations
Rivera Julio Jagger   Gonzalez Garcia Alvaro   Gonzalez-Hernandez R.   Lopez-Perez W.   Peeters François   Hernandez-Nieves A. D.  
Journal of physics : condensed matter - ISSN 0953-8984-31:7 (2019)
Correlation functions in electron-electron and electron-hole double quantum wells : temperature, density, and barrier-width dependence
Dharma-Wardana M. W. C.   Neilson David   Peeters François  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-99:3 (2019)
Electric-field modulation of linear dichroism and Faraday rotation in few-layer phosphorene
Li Longlong   Partoens Bart   Xu W.   Peeters François  
2D materials - ISSN 2053-1583-6:1 (2019)
Intense-terahertz-laser-modulated magnetopolaron effect on shallow-donor states in the presence of magnetic field in the Voigt configuration
Wang Weiyang   Van Duppen Ben   Peeters François  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-99:1 (2019)

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