Immunoinformatics design and assessment of a multiepitope antigen (OvMCBL02) for onchocerciasis diagnosis and monitoring

Diagnostics - ISSN 2075-4418-12:6 (2022) p. 1-15
    Bernis Neneyoh Yengo, Cabirou Mounchili Shintouo, An Hotterbeekx, Ntang Emmaculate Yaah, Robert Adamu Shey, Quanico, Geert Baggerman, Lawrence Ayong, Luc Vanhamme, Rose NJEMINI, Jacob Souopgui, Robert Colebunders, Stephen Mbigha Ghogomu

Mass spectrometry (imaging) for detection and identification of cyclic AMPs : focus on human neutrophil peptides (HNPs)

Insights on antimicrobial peptides / Enany, Shymaa [edit.]; et al. [edit.]-p. 1-17