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Study the role of cell death in organ injury and/of degeneration. 01/04/2019 - 31/03/2023


Unprotected iron can rust due to the attack of oxygen. Similarly, in our body, oxidative stress can kill cells in an iron-dependent way, which can give raise to organ injury or degeneration. This newly discovered type of cell injury or necrosis is referred to as ferroptosis. The study of how this type of cell death works at the molecular levels gains a lot of interest, due to its assumed high clinical relevance. On the one hand, our research focusses on using ferroptosis or 'biological rust' to eradicate cancer such as neuroblastoma using nanomedicinal approaches. On the other hand, blocking ferroptosis using small compounds is intensively investigated in an attempt to interfere with e.g. acute organ failure in intensive care patients or patients with chronic degenerative diseases. This work is imbedded in an interdisciplinary approach and occurs in collaboration with experts and physicians in the field.


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