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Enhanced clinical phenotyping by mechanistic bioprofiling in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: insights from the MEDIA-DHF study (The Metabolic Road to Diastolic Heart Failure)
Stienen Susan   Ferreira Joao Pedro   Kobayashi Masatake   Preud'homme Gregoire   Dobre Daniela   Machu Jean-Loup   Duarte Kevin   Bresso Emmanuel   Devignes Marie-Dominique   Lopez Natalia   Girerd Nicolas   Aakhus Svend   Ambrosio Giuseppe   Brunner-La Rocca Hans-Peter   Fontes-Carvalho Ricardo   Fraser Alan G.   Van Heerebeek Loek   Heymans Stephane   De Keulenaer Gilles   Marino Paolo   McDonald Kenneth   Mebazaa Alexandre   Papp Zoltan   Raddino Riccardo   Tschoepe Carsten   Paulus Walter J.   Zannad Faiez   Rossignol Patrick  
Biomarkers: biochemical indicators of exposure, response, and susceptibility to chemicals - ISSN 1354-750X-25:2 (2020) p. 201-211
The role of endothelial miRNAs in myocardial biology and disease
Boen Jente   Gevaert Andreas   De Keulenaer Gilles   van Craenenbroeck Emeline   Segers Vincent F.M.  
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology - ISSN 0022-2828-138 (2020) p. 75-87
The role of ErbB4 in cancer
Segers Vincent F.M.   Dugaucquier Lindsey   Feyen Eline   Shakeri Hadis   De Keulenaer Gilles  
Cellular Oncology (2211-3428) - ISSN 2211-3428-p. 1-18
Ex vivo aortic stiffness in mice with different eNOS activity
Leloup Arthur   Van Hove Cor   De Moudt Sofie   De Keulenaer Gilles   Fransen Paul  
American journal of physiology: heart and circulatory physiology - ISSN 0363-6135-318:5 (2020) p. H1233-H1244
Vascular smooth muscle cell contraction and relaxation in the isolated aorta : a critical regulator of large artery compliance
Leloup Arthur   Van Hove Cor   De Moudt Sofie   De Meyer Guido   De Keulenaer Gilles   Fransen Paul  
Physiological Reports - ISSN 2051-817X-7:4 (2019)

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