Publications in the spotlight

Development of an adaptive response surface method for optimization of computation-intensive models
Steenackers Gunther   Presezniak F.   Guillaume P.  
Computers & industrial engineering - ISSN 0360-8352-57:3 (2009) p. 847-855
Bias-specified robust design optimization : a generalized mean squared error approach
Steenackers Gunther   Guillaume P.  
Computers & industrial engineering - ISSN 0360-8352-54:2 (2008) p. 259-268
On the use of transmissibility measurements for finite element method updating
Steenackers Gunther   Devriendt C.   Guillaume P.  
Journal of sound and vibration - ISSN 0022-460X-303:3-5 (2007) p. 707-722
Robust optimization of a slat track taking into account the uncertainty of the design parameters
Steenackers Gunther   Guillaume P.  
The Eleventh International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing (Civil - Comp 2007) Malta, 2007-p. 90

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