Research group

Integrated Molecular Plant Physiology Research (IMPRES)


  • My expertise lies in the analysis of redox metabolism and oxidative stress processes, with particular emphasis on plant responses to abiotic stress factors (e.g. temperature, water deficit). We quantitatively analyze multiple oxidative stress components, including, cell level damage (e.g. protein oxidation, lipid peroxidation, membrane leakage), proteins and enzymes (e.g. antioxidant enzymes, glutaredoxin, thioredoxin) and redox metabolites (e.g., ascorbate, H2O2, glutathione). In addition, we analyze plant metabolic responses that are pertinent to stress responses, such as photorespiration, proline metabolism, C-fixation, TCA cycle and primary metabolism. Analyses are standardized and optimized on model plant species, i.e. Zea mays and Arabidopsis thaliana, but tissues from multiple other species, plants and animals, have also been analyzed. Samples are processed in a semi high-throughput protocol, allowing the simultaneous analysis of relatively large numbers of samples. All analyses include assistance in data processing (calculations) and interpretations.


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