Green city bonds as a space of socio-ecological conflict. 01/10/2019 - 30/09/2023


The Institute of Development Policy of the University of Antwerp is seeking to fill a full-time (100%) vacancy for a Doctoral Grant by the University Research Fund (BOF) in the area of 'Green City Bonds to finance climate change adaptation and mitigation: a comparative analysis of legal processes, development paradigms and socio-environmental implications'. Your research is situated in the IOB research field of Development Processes, Actors and Policies and is connected with the Law and Development Research Group at the Faculty of Law. More specifically, your research focus matches the research line "environment and sustainable development" but also engages with questions of contractual and regulatory dynamics pertaining to the interaction between city councils, financial investors and citizenship at the time of climate emergency. Your research focuses on a comparative, power-sensitive and socially-informed analysis of the way in which (at least) three main cities in the world use or plan to use the Green City Bonds to finance their climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. Specific attention will be paid to the legislative, contractual and regulatory frameworks that cities enact in order to have access to the funds, and the implications that Green City Bonds have in terms of identification of adaptation and mitigation priorities, democratic participation, cities' indebtedness and the transformation of the pre-existing regulatory and governance framework.


Research team(s)