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Study on the policy proposals regarding medical operational support and occupational medicine within the framework of the strategic vision of Defence. 15/03/2017 - 31/12/2017


This study is part of the audit 'Medical operational support and occupational medicine' that was conducted at the request of the Minister of Defence, as part of the 'Strategic Vision for Defence'. The audit consists of two parts – the medical operational support on the one hand (including the military hospital) and the organization of occupational medicine on the other – and nine research questions. In order to provide a substantiated answer to all questions, a multidisciplinary study is required. The legal questions are the following:  Evaluation of the proposal to rationalize and optimize occupational medicine within Defence, through a broader co-operation with internal and external partners (such as IDPBW (Internal Department for Prevention and Protection at Work), EDPBW (External Department for Prevention and Protection at Work), other Federal Public Service Departments, …), with the purpose to ensure qualitative occupational medicine in a more cost efficient manner, adapted to the operational needs of Defence and taking into account the specific characteristics of the military profession.  Determining the legal adjustments that are required to realize the proposals regarding rationalization.


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