Imke Brummer

Imke Brummer


Sint-Jacobstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Since the start of the European Union, politicians have giving importance of building a strong European identity to strengthen its economic, political and cultural position in the world. Until recently, European identity was often perceived through a white lens, and excluded the vision of a multicultural and multi-ethnic Europe. However new research showed that European identity is a relevant collective identity for adolescents of diverse backgrounds and may seem to unite these youngsters.

In my research project, the subjective meaning of both (sub)-national and supranational identity processes will be examined. The main aim of this study is to look at how adolescents construct and maintain their national and European identities and how the educational context (e.g. their teachers and peers) may influence these processes. This study aims to look at how the boundaries of different supra-national identities are (re)defined or maintained in an educational setting and can lead to a better understanding on social cohesion as well as acceptance of the cultural diversity of Europe.


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