Ingrid Moons

Ingrid Moons


Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Keywords : consumerbehaviour- sustainability- innovation- co-creation- multi method research


My work consists of 80% collaboration at the Faculty of Business Economics (FBE) and  20% at the Faculty of Design Sciences.

My main educational responsibilities are courses in the Bachelor's degree program at the Product Development Department (marketing, market analysis, concept testing, branding) and in the Master's degree program at the Product Development Department, Master of Organization Management and Culture Management (strategic design, marketing theory and cases, marketing and communication). I also supervise students with their Master's thesis and with their PhD.

The research in which I specialized focuses on the adoption of sustainable innovations. On the one hand, this research is about motivational drivers in various market segments. Research was conducted for various product types, products with a high involvement (electric transport), low involvement (food) and services (travel). On the other hand, I engage in investigating  how co-creation with different stakeholders can contribute to more sustainable solutions. These studies are part of VLAO and INTERREG projects (the adoption of co-creation and GLITCH). I further refine and specify my research together with five l  PhD students. A user perspective looks at how innovations can contribute to the circular economy. Integrating the user experience and perception of materials with a technological view on materials to achieve more sustainable design solutions from the early start of the design process onwards is one example. Achieving more connection in society through urban agriculture and ensuring a more fair access to sustainable food through urban agriculture is a study that started in collaboration with the province and is now being continued in a doctoral project. Examples of other studies are: forms of cooperation that lead to sustainable innovation among SMEs, insights into the co-creative design process for hybrid products, more adapted forms of communication to children, which are increasingly being addressed by advertising in an integrated and interactive way, development of research methods that fit  with today's fast-changing world in which we communicate in a more 'mobile' way.

The use of different methods is specific to the way I approach research. This goes beyond combining desk research with qualitative and quantitative research. In my research I combine research techniques from different disciplines, such as for example: a systemic approach, design research, (co-) creative tools, in-depth research with projective techniques, as well as large-scale research (surveys) which include model building (eg. with SEM).

Journals in which I published an article are amongst others: Sustainability, Journal of Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Ecological Economics , Journal of Marketing Communications, Young Consumers, Food Quality and Preference, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Journal of Marketing Trends Journal of Brand Management.